Yet another wonderfully picturesque place, the little town of Perast situated at the foot of St. Elijah Hill. Owned by the Republic of Venice between 1420 and 1797 the city’s sixteen Baroque palaces were mostly built in this period, as too were its 17 Catholic churches and two Orthodox churches. Unlike Kotor is does not have a defensive wall, but instead nine defensive towers, the most important of which is the tower of the Holy Cross.

One palace still very much in use is the Bujović Palace (Palata Bujović) at the northern entrance to the town. This palace is largely Renaissance in style; with its superb arcaded porch, standing below a balustrade and terrace, above which stand two lions; the symbol of the Venetian Republic. It now houses the town museum (Grad muzej), containing portraits of seafaring luminaries, furniture, books, flags and weaponry.

Any visit to Perast should include a trip to the two small islands near to the town one is called St. George island, and the other called Our Lady of the Rock, (Gospa od škrpjela) each of them has its own chapel.

Our Lady of the Rock Island is one of the Montenegrin coast’s showpiece landmarks, being the only artificially built island in the Adriatic. The church has a sea-blue and seaweed-green Baroque interior and miraculous icon, held in the grand marble altarpiece, containing red Egyptian marble and white marble from Siena. The exterior also reveals some eye-catching architectural detail, most notably the niche above the green bronze door, which holds a miniature statue of the Virgin with Child and, just above this, a superbly carved stone rosette.

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